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Cyber security and staying safe online

Introduction This is our first security article, mainly in the context of a small business but it will hopefully contain useful information for wider audiences and individuals. It’s all to easy to be complacent when it comes to online security but as recent news headlines have proved and will continue to, the consequences of complacency can be very significant. What’s absurd is with just a little work and common sense, it’s easy to greatly reduce your chances of becoming a statistic and by reading on, this will hopefully help you to become “IT security wise”. In a similar way...

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Welcome to our Blog

A technology Blog for business Thank you for your interest in our Blog and we hope you find some or all of the articles of interest? Regrettably, we currently don’t have full time staff to keep this Blog cutting edge, in fact there may often be large gaps between published articles. However, we will aim to add articles of interest to the business and potentially wider community as and when time allows and we’d recommend subscribing to our newsletter to make sure you’re notified about changes. If there’s something you would like to see here, then please get in...

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